Open Access saves lives (and, Closed Access means people die-Peter Murray-Rust

The easiest thing… is simply not volunteering our labor to lock academic writing away from the public -Nick Montfort

This is the last article that I will publish to which the public cannot get access -Danah Boyd

I will not submit my academic writings to journals whose policies prevent me from continuing to make them available, free of charge -Terrance Tomkow

Academic publications should be available for the world to read, to learn from, to build upon
-Ben Adida

Editors and editorial boards are not indentured servants. If the publishers will not price reasonably, why not resign, or better yet start a nonprofi t journal with the same constituency but
a new name? -Ted Bergstrom

The least we should expect is that the outputs of this tax-payer funded activity should be freely available to all. -Martin Weller

It is hard to understand why we should continue to give the research away to commercial publishers and then buy it back at an enormous price. -JP Conley & M Wooders

The countries we work with can’t afford journals; they’re already paying an arm and a leg for textbooks. -Sir John Daniel

The academic community is only hurting itself, and its long term public support, by keeping its knowledge behind high subscription walls -Andrew Carr


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